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Car Maintenance in Philadelphia, PA

To maximize the life and performance of your vehicle, here is a list of items you should check depending on the time and season. Some of these parts of your vehicle should be checked regularly, and others only in the long run. Be sure to follow your car maintenance schedule and service interval record.

  • Change your oil and oil filter

Oil is your engine’s life blood. It serves as a lubricant, keeping important engine parts from grinding against each other and destroying the engine. Motor oil not changed regularly can also damage your engine as accumulated contaminants cause friction, rubbing parts together.

  • Tire Check

The only thing separating your car from the road is its tires. They need to be properly inflated to do their job, as well as to lessen the chance of a blowout.

You probably know how to add air to your tires. What you may not know is the correct tire pressure. We will get that done for you and let you know the correct tire pressure of your car.

  • Inspect all other fluids

Motor oil isn’t the only fluid to check. Your car has brake and transmission fluids, coolant, and washer fluid.

  • Examine belts and hoses

If you want to go one step beyond basic routine car maintenance, then inspect the hoses and belts in the engine bay. These hoses direct coolant flow to ensure the engine doesn’t overheat. If a hose has separated or shows cracks or bulges, then have it replaced. Similarly, check the belts too. The timing belt, as found in most cars and small SUVs, is critical to the operation of your engine.

  • Air Filter

Your engine’s air filter is what regulates the air that flows into your engine and helps keep out debris and particulate. By making certain that your air filter is flowing properly, you can improve your fuel efficiency, decrease your emissions, and help ensure the life of your engine.

  • Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in your engine ignite the gas and air mixture that ultimately powers your vehicle . If your spark plugs aren’t functioning properly, your engine will lose power and won’t run at optimal capacity. We will check and replace any faulty spark plugs depending on vehicle mfr recommendations or when you feel a decrease in your engine’s power.

  • Battery Performance Check

Your car battery is one of the most important components for your vehicle to run. A car battery supplies large amounts of electrical current for the starter, engine and other electronic accessories in the vehicle. Extreme temperatures affect the performance of the battery so regular battery testing will ensure that battery will perform when you need it to.